The Spa Leamington

The Spa Leamington is a luxury day spa and salon based in the heart of Royal Leamington Spa,  offering a range of high end beauty treatments and therapies, and attract high profile clientèle from across the county.  We worked together to redesign their existing website to bring it up to modern design standards. Alongside a fully integrated Umbraco CMS solution, we also developed an e-commerce gift card ordering system.

Step 1Initial Meeting

The Spa Leamington have had a long term relationship with jbandg for many years, during which time we have built and iterated on a number of versions of their website. When they wanted to refresh their site and make it easier for customers to access their content on mobile and tablet devices, they naturally asked us to help. 

At our initial meeting, we discussed if any of the key focuses of the website had changed, and investigated ways of maintaining the architecture of information whilst adding responsive functionality. We used the opportunity to discuss ways of refreshing the design, and looked at ways to revise the sitemap to offer a better overall user experience.

Step 2Design

With a clear outline of the requirements, we collaborated with The Spa Leamington to create a number of comprehensive wireframes and user journeys for this latest iteration of the website, and worked out the best way of presenting the most relevant information using the revised sitemap. 

When these were agreed upon, we took these wireframes and turned them into beautiful Photoshop compositions, enforcing their brand aesthetic and delivering a modern user interface. 

The designs were iterated on with the client and their marketing team until it was agreed they were suitable to be taken to the development phase. 

James and Neil at jbandg deliver an impeccable service. Their commitment and support throughout our relationship has been second to none. Our site has been continually updated to meet our customer demands and to ensure we deliver the ultimate spa experience, which in return has allowed us to gain further business through our site.

- Marc Phillpot

Step 3Development

The development phase began with creating the SQL Server database, and beginning the CMS integration with a fresh install of Umbraco on a newly configured stand-alone development environment.

The front end was built using a mobile first stategy - a process that begins with mobile and tablet considerations primarily, and builds up to a larger desktop solution. We used HTML5, CSS3 and Google's AngularJS framework for additional front end functionality. All the data was fed from the Umbraco CMS backend to the front end using Microsoft's C# ASP.NET MVC platform.

We also developed a PayPal integration which allowed The Spa Leamington's customers to create, customise and order gift cards online. 

Step 4Deployment and Support

We continually test our development work in a range of browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Edge, Firefox and Safari, along with a range of different Apple and Android devices and phones. This ensures there are no bugs or inconsistencies in how the site renders across these platforms and devices.

Upon completion of the development phase, final full in depth testing is carried out, and any defects are corrected. We worked with The Spa Leamington to ensure all the content is correct, and get the approval to put the site live.

The new website was deployed to a production environment on one of our dedicated high powered Windows servers, and SSL certificates generated and installed. The client has also got a monthly support package, ensuring that the site runs smoothly on a day to day basis. 

How well does The Spa Leamington's website perform?

85 / 100 PageSpeed score

77 / 100 YSlow score

99 / 100 Google user rating