Muk Hair UK

Muk is a global haircare brand, selling and distributing hair treatment and styling products to salons and direct to end consumers. We designed and developed Muk a responsive website along with full CMS integration on Umbraco, to open new sales channels to salon professionals in the UK.

Step 1Initial Meeting

Muk have worked with jbandg for a number of years, so when they needed to create a new wholesale website, specifically aimed at the trade salon market, we were an obvious choice. 

At our initial meeting, we discussed the aims of the project, who the target audience is, and what information was key for them. A clear brand direction was established, along with examples of other work liked by the client to help steer the overall look and feel of the website. 

Step 2Design

Using information gathered from the initial meeting, we worked with Muk to create a series of wireframes and user journeys. We decided on the best sitemap, and outlined the main functional specifications of the site in order to fulfil the requirements of the project. 

Once agreed upon, we took these wireframes and used them as the base for designing a beautiful user interface for the site. Mobile users were given key consideration, with a mobile-first design pattern followed ensuring the content was presented in an optimal layout for users of all devices.

We iterated on the designs with the client until everyone was happy with the visuals, ensuring the architecture of information was correct and the brand message was on point. 

We have worked with the Guys at jbandg on two major projects and are about to start a revamp of our e-commerce site with their help. They have great ideas, proper work ethics and always deliver on time - fully tested and ready to go. I would have no hesitation recommending them to anyone starting from scratch or looking to upgrade.

- Laurence Green

Step 3Development

Once the designs were approved, we started the development phase of the project. The required SQL Server database was created, a new standalone development environment configured, and we began the integration with a fresh install of the latest Umbraco CMS platform. 

The responsive front end was built in HTML5 and CSS3, utilising Google's AngularJS framework for more complex front end interactions. All the data was fed from the Umbraco CMS backend to the front end using Microsoft's C# ASP.NET MVC platform. 

Our bespoke integrations with the CMS allow full control and flexibility over the layout of the website. The simple, easy to use back office software allows our client to update their site with ease and without complication. 

The site was also built following the mobile first pattern, ensuring that the content loads quickly on mobile devices that may not have great connection speeds.

Step 4Training, Deployment and Support

As part of the ongoing development of the site, we continually test in a range of browsers such as Chrome, Opera, Edge, Firefox and Safari, along with a range of different Apple and Android devices and phones, to ensure everything displays as intended. 

Once full testing was completed, we gave our client a training session using Umbraco, instructing how the CMS can be accessed, and how content on the site can be administered and updated. We then worked with the client to populate the site with the required content. 

When the site was finally complete, we deployed the site to a production environment on one of our dedicated high powered Windows servers. Despite rigorous testing, there may still be some defects that were unforeseen, so we are always ready to react quickly after launch to any bugs that may arise. 

How well does the Muk Hair UK website perform?

99 / 100 PageSpeed score

88 / 100 YSlow score

100 / 100 Google user rating